Not in the banquet space.  Possibly in the downstairs bar space.

Yes- Guest El Fenix is the name- no password needed

Yes-we have heaters- $75 / heater.  No- we do not have misters or fans but there are rental companies you can rent from.

No- per fire code our patio can not be tented

No. You are welcome to bring a company in, however there is always enough parking.  Or suggest uber or lyft services.

There are 2 lots- to the side and behind El Fenix, they are free for 2 hours while in El Fenix.

We provide parking passes for the duration of the event.  They are available the day of the event.  Please have your guests pick them up at the cashier station and place on their dashboard.  If they pay the machine, we cannot refund.  If they receive a ticket, we will not pay it.  It is up to them to use the provided parking pass.

In the past minors have gone to participate in illegal activities in our parking lot.  This is a liability for our company and will not be tolerated.  Minors are expected to behave and adhere to federal law just like anywhere else.  If this is an issue, please consider another venue as your option.

Once a minor leaves they cannot renter.  Once they pass the stairs they are considered as gone from the event.  Bathrooms are upstairs for this reason.  They cannot go to their cars or meet their mom downstairs.

Any party with more than 50% minors is considered a minor party

Security guards are required throughout the entire event

No alcohol will be served

No exit and re-entry, no exceptions

Minors that appeared to have participated in illegal activity will be removed from the building, if not arrested

You will be charged that night and there may be a window of time that you are waiting on more food to be brought in.  We plan on the contracted amount of guests showing up.

2 Mondays before your event.  We hold event meetings the following morning and have to prepare the restaurant for staffing and food ordering reasons.

No- there may be another event booked and we need to get the space cleaned and flipped for the next event.  Anything you brought in with you must leave with you or it is subject to trash or property of El Fenix.

We do, please add into your final head count.

Unfortunately it is to move the entire event inside.  It is not ideal but it has been done before.

15 minutes prior to event the doors will be opened.

Yes, there is a newly renovated bridal suite with private bathroom and a closet to hang garments in.

$500 package—includes – 4th hour, ceremony seating- and conversion to dinner seating, free champagne toast, free cake cutting, use of wireless microphone

No- El Fenix has no elevators

YES- and when we can expect deliveries.  – they can ONLY make deliveries during the hours your event coordinator allows you into the space for set up.  They need to pick up same day or go through the event coordinator for a different time. They must carry commercial insurance and provide a copy of it to event coordinator 10 business days prior to event.

Yes- the DJ needs to provide their liability insurance before they are allowed in.  Unless it is the preferred DJ on our list.  This is our policy, no exceptions.

Yes- they will be outside- the dance floor is a space made in the middle of patio.

All food & beverage purchases- including cash bar

Rentals : projector, decorations, outdoor bar, heaters, etc

Doesn’t apply: tax, tip, service charges (additional hours, cake cutting, etc) staffing, to go orders, outside vendors


Seated dinner 110
Cocktail set-up inside only 150
Patio seating 70
Cocktail set up inside and outside 220

Inside banquet room- 30 x 50 ft

Rooftop Terrace- 50 x 50ft

  • 60 inch round tables
  • Black folding chairs
  • Black Table linens 85 x 85 ft
  • Red rolled napkins with silverware
  • Plates, appetizer size and dinner size, white china
  • Glasses- water, wine, cocktail, beer
  • Cocktail tables
  • Patio set up- with 2 lounge areas
  • Wireless microphone- complimentary
  • Satelite radio- complimentary
  • Plug in for ipod or computer to play over speakers (inside and out)
  • Projector with screen ($75 rental) has to provide own laptop
  • 3 hours for event time- doesn’t include decorating time or clean up
  • Extra hours $250 for 4th hour, $500 each hour after
  • The latest start time is 7 pm
  • All events must end by 12 am midnight

$500 deposit, non refundable, non transferrable, redeemed on final bill.

  • Venue is subject to daytime booking- if a daytime event books before your night time event, our staff has to have time to clean up and flip the room for your event. We will let you know if / when this occurs.
  • Earliest set up WITHOUT daytime event booked, is 11 am.
  • Upon arrival, tables will be arranged per room layout that your event coordinator provided, so you can set out any center pieces
  • Chairs, silverware, buffet, ceremony seating, and patio will be set up 2 hours prior to each event when the event staff arrives. The event staff will only arrive 2 hours prior to event to set up.

No, for liability reasons we cannot provide staff members to do this.  Please plan accordingly.

We will roll napkins with our silverware if provided and requested.  We do not fold napkins in specialty forms.

15 minutes prior to contracted time.  If your event begins at 5 pm- they will be allowed in at 4:45 pm at the earliest.  We need time to make sure the space is clean and set up to your specifications.

We have several different selections in our private events brochure- please see your event coordinator for a hard copy or copy by email.

All modifications are subject to an upcharge.  All modifications must go through the event coordinator and be approved by the GM.

10 business days prior to the event.  Our kitchen and managers need to plan and staff accordingly.

Yes, there is an additional $150 per server charge for passed apps

No, El Fenix is a restaurant establishment.  We can only provide our menu items per health code and TABC

Yes- you are permitted to bring in a wedding cake.  Please coordinate with you event coordinator when the bakery will be delivering it so we can ensure refrigeration is needed or not.

Children from 3-12 years of age will be charged half of the adult price.  Under 3 is free- over 12 is adult rate.

We can accommodate all special diets.  If someone needs GF we can order things on corn tortillas.  If someone needs vegetarian we can request spinach enchiladas, quesadillas, or fajitas as their meal- we do need to know ahead of time for special requests.

Typically no, it has been on the buffet all night, it would not be good to serve later for food safety concerns.  If a bride and groom did not have time to eat, please let our staff know and we can get them a fresh meal to go with them to their hotel.

The package price for unlimited consumption is for 3 hours- a 4th hour is available and the cost is listed underneath the applicable package

If you do consumption package and do not purchase drink tickets, you are subject to $5 per drink as many as your guests order.  Please beware that in some cases the unlimited Santa Fe package is a better “deal.”

If your event is less than 3 hours there is no discount on the unlimited packages, it is still as listed on the brochure.

Cash bar is always available after the 3 hours of unlimited or after your party has used all purchased drink tickets OR if that is the only option you would like to provide.

Draft- XX amber, XX lager, Miller lite, Coors light

Bottle- Miller lite, Coors light, Corona, XX lager, Bud light

Yes- some may be subject to upcharge.  Some may not be allowed as we do not carry them in El Fenix regularly. ( Also applies to liquor and wine.)

You can either choose to host liquor in case of this occurrence or it can be cash bar and whomever orders the cocktail will pay for it.

No, El Fenix has a 0 tolerance underage drinking policy.  Our bartenders will card and not serve anyone under 21 or without an ID.  The lead banquet server will and can card at the tables if they feel underage drinking is occurring.  The bar will be subject to closure if abuse occurs and bar charges will remain the same as originally contracted.

Yes, an additional $150 per server will be charged.  Drinks can be ready upon arrival per request otherwise.  “I would like 10 frozen margaritas and 10 rocs margaritas set out upon our arrival.”

Unfortunately, no.  When you take part in the unlimited consumption packages you will be charged for everyone over 21- unless they are pregnant.  If you don’t think people will drink that much we suggest using the drink tickets or having a cash bar.

Yes, it is $250 to use our outdoor bar and includes the bartender.  If you rent an outdoor bar from a rental company it is $150 to use our bartender.  Must be a real rental bar, not a folding table.

Yes- it is included in our ceremony package.  Otherwise it is per bottle ($11) at 8 toasts per bottle.

No- El Fenix has a TABC license and it doesn’t allow and outside beverages to be brought in.  If you choose to do so we reserve the right to remove from the premise or dispose of it.  You can request that we order something through our liquor distributor and we can obtain pricing for you.

What you CANNOT do : adhere anything on our doors, walls, floors, rafters, etc.  No glitter, confetti, or sparklers.

What you CAN do: bring it in the day of, take it with you directly after event, hire El Fenix to hang something from the rafters ($100) or decorate with our Fiesta décor for you ($75)

Yes- flames or flameless.  We do have votives that you can use upon request.  If you are using candles outside please use a container taller than the wick or flameless candles.

Yes- we have fiesta decorations- $75 for us to decorate with them, as centerpieces.

No- we do not have storage for all items for you.  Things could get broken or stolen and we cannot be liable for that.

We offer the black table cloths and red napkins.  Anything else is up to you to rent and have delivered.

Yes- we have several easels you can place at the bottom of the stairs with a poster type sign letting your guests know that the event is upstairs.

Yes- we have a preferred vendor list.